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Your Expert Pet Guide Pet-friendly travel destinations around the world



Your Expert Pet Guide Pet-friendly travel destinations around the world

As UAE surges with a rise in the expat population with many of them bringing their pets to Dubai from all over the world – it’s observed that this region is experiencing an increasing pets relocation in Dubai. Furthermore, this is now leading to the city actively developing more pet-friendliness across cafes, hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions, too. If you too, are planning for a trip to Dubai but are worried about leaving your fur child behind – worry not. There are several pet relocations experts in Dubai to make your move, simple, stress-free, and seamless for you. Not only do they transport your precious pet comfortably, but they also ensure that proper prep, crate training, and advance bookings are done, easing yours and your pet’s journeys with considerations on your pet’s health, nutrition, and overall wellbeing. 

So, what are the most pet-friendly countries in the world?

Finding pet-friendly tourist destinations can be both tiring and confusing however, being a pet parent, equals to experiencing adventures with your fur child. Some of the top-ranked pet-friendly destinations in the world for you and your fur baby include the following:

  • Switzerland: Everyone knows about the spectacular scenery and snow-capped beauty of Switzerland, but one thing that you might be unaware of is Switzerland’s pet culture. Tourist spots and restaurants are very welcoming to pets and more often than not, even offer complimentary treats to pets. Furthermore, there are also training schools for pet parents to learn the methods of pet training, and best practices.
  • Netherlands: A country that is appreciated all over the world for its tulip season, Netherlands is also loved for being home to a fabulous pet culture. Apart from attracting millions of tourists for its flower gardens, cheese and beautiful views, Netherlands also attracts pet parents for its pet-friendliness. Public transports here offer welcome treats to pets and many tourist spots here provide special play zones for pets, too.
  • Germany: Setting the benchmarks for animal welfare and rescuing stray animals, Berlin has the largest animal sanctuary in Europe that can nurture over 2,000 animals like dogs, cats and even horses at a time. The entire country practices a no-animal-kill policy. In fact, in Germany, a dog is the central part of the family and is welcomed into every human area in the cities except butcher stores and open kitchens. Hence, it is one of the topmost pet-friendly nations in the world that attracts an abundance of pet parents.
  • Luxembourg: A city that has associated special rights to animals which strictly cannot be violated, Luxembourg is home to pets of all kinds. Pets all over the country travel in public transport for free with treats and welcome gifts. Furthermore, this nation also proudly boasts its animal-friendly infrastructure and attracts pets relocation and tourists from all over the world.
  • Canada: Renowned for its hospitality, mixed culture, and abundant opportunities, Canada, over the past few years has developed into a world-famous pet-friendly destination possessing 8 pet-friendly beaches and several ski resorts – making it highly attractive for pet parents. Pets here enjoy unrestrained movements and a very playful infrastructure. 
  • Australia: From pet-friendly hotels to play parks and attraction sites, Australia ranks among the top pet-friendly nations in the world. Melbourne and Sydney are famous for hosting their world-famous pet events and fairs. Beaches offer free movements to your fur children and hence make it a wonderful destination for pet lovers.

Pet-friendliness: a big tourist attraction in today’s world

Now that you’ve got the list of top-pet-friendly locations in the world, it’s time to embrace the idea of pets relocation and the ease of bringing your pets to Dubai. We as veteran pet parents, highly recommend activities such as café-hopping, visiting pet-friendly parks or beaches, or exploring beautiful hotel properties that welcome pets in. Dubai is a setting a new benchmark to showcase that every country or tourist destination must plan and develop itself into a pet-friendly nation and must be ready for pet relocations. Just remember to follow local rules and regulations that apply to pets and as a rule of thumb, ensure you understand the best practices based on the country you are in.

If you’re ready to jet set on a brand-new adventure with your fur baby, this is your sign to get an expert pet relocation company on board. By planning, ensuring safety, and embracing pet-friendly destinations, you too, can make your journeys not only safe but also enjoyable for both you and your fur baby. We wish you a series of happy journeys and travels ahead!

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