Top 6 Dream Sports Cars To Rent For The Ultimate Road Trip Adventure



You have decided to go on a journey to Dubai but are still contemplating the best way to make your trip a memorable one. Since you’re going to be inside a vehicle during most parts of your trip, start your travel preparations by exploring OneClickDrive- the largest car rental marketplace in the UAE and rent sports car Dubai. The car you drive during your journey plays a huge role in the kind of experience you receive and there is no other way to guarantee a thrilling ride than with a sports car.

Sports cars provide a combination of comfort and performance that exceeds that of any other vehicle during long trips. They are also designed with the latest and most advanced technology to guarantee optimal safety and satisfaction. Moreover, additional features like premium sound systems are available to keep you entertained all through your trip.

What Are The Most Comfortable Vehicles For Long Trips?

If you have finally decided to rent a luxury sports car but are still not sure which specific one to pick, then you are on the right track. In this article, we are going to dive into the top six luxury sports cars you can rent when you visit Dubai. Rest assured that all the vehicles on this list have been hand-picked by some of the most diverse experts in the field of luxury automobiles;

  1. Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider: Do you really want to experience the ultimate thrill of being on an adventurous journey? Then The Ferrari combines the impressive performance of a coupe with the open-air driving experience of a convertible. The moment you open the hard-top is when your journey truly begins. Blast away with incredible speed that will leave most cars in the dust as the wind blows your hair backward making you feel like the main character in a sci-fi movie. The advanced suspension, adaptive dampers, slide-slip angle control, and dynamic enhancer allow you to test the limits of this car’s performance.
  1. Lamborghini Huracan: Driving behind the wheels of a Lamborghini Huracan is a sure way to awaken all your senses. It has a sophisticated design and excellent performance that will give you an unforgettable experience. Driving a Lambo is not just about commuting from one place to another, it is about embracing the thrill of the road and making your dreams a reality. Furthermore, its unique combination of active steering system and read steering system both help to ensure driving comfort and dynamic performance.
  1. Bugatti Chiron: The Bugatti Chiron is a symbol of automotive excellence and exclusivity. Due to its limited number in the automobile market, Chirons are always in high demand making them quite pricey. But kid you not, the dreamy experience you get from this vehicle is worth every penny you are charged for it. Its comfortable and luxurious interior, sleek exterior, incredible design, and unmatched performance all add up to give you an experience you can’t afford to miss.
  1. McLaren 720S: The McLaren is the world’s first carbon fiber road car, the world’s fastest production car, and still the fastest naturally aspirated car ever built. This unique vehicle is everything an exotic car should be and more. Only true car enthusiasts can appreciate the thrill of driving this remarkable vehicle, so if you are one and happen to visit Dubai, don’t hesitate a moment to rent a McLaren here. 
  1. Lamborghini Aventador: If you want to drive around like a king and experience true luxury like never before, then you should consider the Aventador. Its stunning outward appearance allows you to conquer the road with the regal presence that befits a true king.
  1. Ferrari Portofino: The Portofino is not just used to commute you from place to place but also entertain you while doing it. Its advanced infotainment and air-conditioned system improves the comfort and convenience of the vehicle. Not to mention its 18-way adjustable seats with a new backrest design that boosts legroom for rear seat passengers. 


If you plan on visiting a place like Dubai with all its glitters and wonderful sights, then nothing beats a sports car for this trip. There is so much to do in Dubai that you may need to go out daily to explore the wonders of the city, which means you may spend up to 30% of your time inside a vehicle. Instead of ruining your experience by driving something ordinary, you can enjoy every bit of this trip by renting a sports car and you won’t regret a thing!

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