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Incorporating Exercise and Fitness in Recovery Group Activities



Incorporating Exercise and Fitness in Recovery Group Activities

According to the latest data, of the nearly 30 million adults suffering from substance use disorder, 72% consider themselves in recovery.

The road to recovery is covered in bumps. There’s nothing easy about getting clean, but through effective rehabilitation, a positive mindset, and positive surroundings, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. 

Having the right recovery group around you gives you a great support system for beating your drug and alcohol addiction. One of the best addiction recovery group activities you can incorporate into your routine is exercise. 

Today, we’ll explain how exercise can help with addiction recovery. Keep reading and start channeling outpatient rehab into a healthier lifestyle.

The Relationship Between Exercise and Recovery

Exercise of any kind can be a powerful recovery tool. Many experts think that regular exercise can replace substances in an addict’s brain. By using those addictive tendencies for something positive, you can change for the better.

Exercise gives you serotonin and dopamine. A good exercise session will lessen feelings of anxiety and stress associated with withdrawal symptoms and cravings. It gives you more clarity, improves sleep, and even boosts self-esteem.

Implementing an exercise routine into your outpatient program can help break old habits and avoid bad influences. You’ll have a new social circle geared toward a healthy lifestyle. This makes moving on from your old life so much easier.

Incorporating Exercise Into an Intensive Outpatient Program for Teens or Adults

Group therapy is a huge part of outpatient rehab. There are many group therapy methods, like support and CBT groups. These are mostly geared toward talk therapy so addicts can identify the underlying reasons for their behavior.

The most effective talk therapies for alcohol rehab occur when the whole group feels connected. One of the ways you can do this is by exercising together.

Whether it’s playing a sport or hitting the gym, the energy from the fitness session can help open everyone up. In particular, playing sports builds trust among young adults. When a recovery group trusts one another, it’s easier to achieve major results in group therapy

After a good workout, you’ll be in a positive mindset. Positive thinking is the key to mental breakthroughs in recovery.

When your body and mind feel good from exercise, it’s easier to see that you can achieve great feelings without the help of drugs and alcohol. All you need are healthy habits and positive influences to make a huge change to your life.

Recovery Group Activities Benefit All

Now that we’ve told you why exercise should be a staple of recovery group activities, you can find success in rehab. Your body is the source of those same good feelings you’d get when you were high.

The thing is, you don’t need substances to achieve those feelings. Once you start exercising in a group, you’ll find yourself feeling happy, positive, and willing to connect with your group members. Incorporate fitness into your rehab plan today and see the positive effects for yourself.

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