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DIY or Not: When to Call a Professional Locksmith



DIY or Not: When to Call a Professional Locksmith

Whether it’s a sticky lock on your front door or a lost set of keys, dealing with lock issues can be daunting. For many residents in the Eastern Suburbs, the question often arises: should I fix this myself or call a professional? While the DIY route can be tempting, especially with numerous how-to videos at our fingertips, some situations require the expertise of professional Eastern Suburbs locksmiths. In this blog, we’ll explore common lock problems and guide you on when a DIY fix is sufficient and when to call in the experts.

When DIY Might Be Enough

Simple Jammed Locks

  • Problem: You might find that your key turns with difficulty or the lock mechanism sticks. It can be particularly aggravating as it can prevent you from securing your home effectively.
  • DIY Fix: A straightforward solution involves using graphite lubricant or a silicone spray. Apply the lubricant directly into the keyhole and then gently work your key in and out several times to distribute it evenly within the lock mechanism. This often frees up the moving parts and resolves the sticking issue.

Note: Avoiding oil-based lubricants is crucial as they can attract dust and debris, leading to a gummier mechanism over time, exacerbating the problem rather than fixing it.

Additional Tip: Wipe any excess lubricant off your key to prevent it from soiling your clothes or other items.

Loose Door Knobs or Handles

  • Problem: If the door handle or knob isn’t fixed securely, it may move too freely or fail to engage the latch properly, which could potentially leave your door unlocked.
  • DIY Fix: This problem generally requires a few minutes to fix with a screwdriver. Tighten the screws on both sides of the handle or knob to secure it. If the screws are stripped, replacing them with new ones that fit more tightly can also provide a simple solution.
  • Tip: Check and tighten the hardware regularly as part of routine home maintenance to prevent the issue from recurring.
  • Why It Matters: Ensuring your door knobs and handles are securely fastened can prevent security risks and ensure that your doors function correctly.

Minor Key Sticking

  • Problem: Occasional key sticking or difficulty turning the key can be annoying and might indicate a dirty or slightly misaligned lock mechanism.
  • DIY Fix:
    • Start by cleaning your key and the lock itself.
    • Use a mild cleaner or rub alcohol on the key to remove dirt and grease.
    • If the problem persists, consider lightly filing any obvious burrs with a small metal file.
    • Sometimes, smoothing out the key can make it turn more smoothly in the lock.
  • Advice: Be gentle when filing the key, as removing too much material can damage or make it unusable.
  • Further Steps: If minor adjustments and cleaning don’t help, the lock mechanism might need attention. In such cases, reassess whether a professional should take a look.

When to Call Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths

You’re Locked Out

  • Problem: Whether due to lost keys, a snapped key, or simply a door that has accidentally closed, being locked out of your house is not only inconvenient but can also be unsafe, leaving you stranded at odd hours or in poor weather conditions.
  • Professional Help: Eastern Suburbs locksmiths are equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to help you regain entry to your home quickly and without damaging the existing lock or door. Their experience allows them to handle various locks efficiently, ensuring you can re-enter your home safely and with minimal fuss. This service is invaluable in reducing the stress and potential risk of being locked out.

Lock Installation

  • Problem: Installing new locks, particularly sophisticated systems like high-security models or advanced smart locks, requires detailed knowledge of door hardware and precise installation techniques to ensure optimal functioning and security.
  • Professional Help: A professional locksmith emergency from the Eastern Suburbs will ensure your new lock is installed correctly and verify that it aligns perfectly with your door frame. This meticulous installation is crucial to prevent future security issues and ensure the smooth operation of the lock. Their expertise helps maintain your home’s security integrity by avoiding common mistakes that can lead to easy break-ins or lock malfunctions.

After a Break-In

  • Problem: Experiencing a burglary is a serious breach of your security that can leave you feeling vulnerable. It’s essential to address this situation immediately to restore safety to your home.
  • Professional Help: Eastern Suburbs locksmiths can respond quickly to such emergencies. They can repair or replace damaged locks and provide professional advice on upgrading your security setup to better resist future break-ins. This might include installing deadbolts, upgrading to smart locks, or adding additional security measures like reinforced strike plates. Their advice is tailored to your needs and situation to restore and enhance your peace of mind.

Broken Keys and Locks

  • Problem: Keys can break off in locks or fail due to wear and tear or tampering. These issues can significantly compromise your home’s security and prevent you from accessing your property.
  • Professional Help: Eastern Suburbs locksmiths are adept at extracting broken keys without causing further damage to the lock mechanism. They can also assess the condition of the lock and decide whether a repair or a full replacement is necessary, ensuring that your lock continues to function properly and securely.

Rekeying Needs

  • Problem: Under several circumstances, such as moving into a new home or experiencing a change in household composition (e.g., roommates moving out or a relationship ending), you might feel the need to ensure that old keys no longer work in your locks.
  • Professional Help: Rekeying is a specialised procedure that involves adjusting the internal mechanisms of your locks so that they work with new keys. Eastern Suburbs Locksmiths Emergency has the precise tools and expertise to rekey locks efficiently and securely. This ensures that only the new keys you control can operate the locks, enhancing your home’s security.

While tackling minor repairs and maintenance yourself can be a fulfilling project; certain situations warrant professional attention. Hiring Eastern Suburbs locksmiths from Open Lock Smiths when necessary ensure that the job is done right and avoids potential DIY disasters that could compromise your home’s security. Remember, when in doubt, it’s safer and more cost-effective in the long run to consult a professional. Stay safe and secure in your decisions!

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