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Are Magnetic Closure Boxes the Solution for Safer Product Delivery?



Are Magnetic Closure Boxes the Solution for Safer Product Delivery?

Yes! Magnetic closure boxes are safer solutions for product delivery, as they memorise user experiences. There are various reasons that make them perfect for secure shipping, and brands prefer them over other cardboard packaging. These boxes are customisable, so brands choose options according to the product’s need to make them catchy and fascinating for customers. Let’s See why everyone prefers these boxes for product shipping. 

Why Magnetic Colure Boxes Are in Hyped?

Magnetic closure boxes are superb, safe, and eye-catching, grabbing the audience’s attention. The use of durable materials, quality magnet insertion, and printed information on the box captivate customers. 

According to the Zipdo Report, 68% of consumers feel that a brand becomes poorer if it invests less in packaging design. And 52% of people worldwide make purchase decisions based on packaging designs that project a brand-positive image for their audiences. 

Therefore, remove the tag of poorer by investing in good and titillating product box design. Rigid packaging with a magnetic lid is a valuable addition to enhance product engagement to the next level. Let’s see the features of magnetic closure boxes that make them stunning for target audiences. 

Make With Durable Packaging Material 

The most incredible feature of magnetic closure gift boxes and product packaging is protection. Sturdy packaging material uplifts the product’s worth for audiences and forces the customers to shop again for their brand due to its high quality. Rigid-made boxes are not bendable and provide immense protection for the products, making them adorable for customers. 

Rigid stock is the most sturdy material packaging suppliers provide. Businesses can also maximise the thickness of the cardstock for product protection from 38 pt. to 60 pt. Remember, people love buying products from companies with top-notch packaging materials. 

Secure and Easy Locking Mechanism 

As the name suggests, these boxes have strong magnetic locks that help you protect the product from misplacing and mishandling. Magnetic lid boxes are easy to unbox and provide immense protection to the inside content that is packed in the box. So, brands who face return order issues due to product leakage and damage in shipping can buy custom magnetic closure boxes wholesale to ensure extreme product security. Flip-top and collapsible boxes are unique forms of rigid boxes that make them splendid product presentations for the customers. 

Provide Protection in Shipping for Sensitive Items 

Although cardboard and corrugated shipping boxes are outclassed for shipping products, brands are still conscious of delivering glass-made products and sensitive items. By getting products in exact form, customers feel happy and decide to shop for products in the future. Therefore, these boxes are the best solutions for cosmetic, skincare, hair care, eyelashes, and hair extension suppliers to increase customer value. 

Brand Detail To Ensure Custom Satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is the priority of almost every brand, regardless of industry. They are hunting to find the best packaging solutions for their products to help them satisfy customers. So, packaging brands present custom magnetic closure boxes that have insane benefits for product safety and printed content, which bestow product authentication. 

A magnetic closure box with custom-printed information makes audiences aware of the product. In addition, when the audience receives the order within a customised shipping box and has information about the brand, they are satisfied with product authentication and quality. 

Insertion of Cardboard Trays and Eva foam 

Cardboard trays and Eva foam are the best tools for additional product safety. By using cardboard and trays in magnetic closure boxes, brands eliminate ambiguity and feel stunning when serving customers. These trays and Eva foam products are easily available in shape and size according to product needs. 

Such cardboard and trays are essential to enhancing the product boxes and making them luxuries for customers. Custom Boxes Only is one of the leading brands in the USA, offering splendid rigid boxes for customers with top-notch standards. 

Best For PRs Sending From Business 

Small businesses and companies who want to maximize brand recognition in the industry. They send product PRs (Public Relations) to social media influencers to engage their audience’s attention. PR product packaging must be a luxury to grab the audience’s attention, and due to this, businesses use magnetic lid boxes with customization to fulfill the purpose. 

Apart from this, magnetic closure boxes are perfect options for gifting purposes to ensure the security and aesthetic of the product. Remember, always try to purchase magnetic closure boxes wholesale to pack bulk orders with cost-effective rates. 

Wrapping Up Above Things 

The above discussion concerns why magnetic closure boxes are safer solutions for packing precious products. The article lists the major points in making magnetic packaging boxes secure for fragile ornaments and precious goods. They provide security in shipping, have a smart locking system, and are used as gift packaging. The insertion of cardboard trays and Eva foam helps secure shipping and delivers the product to customers’ hands. 

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