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8 Practical Tips for Creating Awesome Custom Soap Boxes



The current global soap industry, valued at around USD 44 billion, has huge scope for new brands. However, it depends on brands that how well they capitalize on this scope. A soap’s quality, branding, celebrity endorsements, marketing, and packaging play a key role in making it successful. This post talks about a soap’s packaging, with custom soap boxes in focus.

A soap’s packaging is often the first interaction between a buyer and the product. Brands need to pay special attention to the box’s design and quality to ensure that it succeeds in creating an impression. A good box will inspire shoppers to pick it up, read the information, and purchase the product. The role of packaging is even more vital for online buyers. The design must be good enough to make people stop scrolling and click on your product.

Let’s learn how brands can design impressive custom soapboxes to wow their customers. Good packaging is not only helpful in boosting brand sales, but it also builds a brand’s image and creates an emotional link with the buyers.

How Can Brands Create Sales-Boosting Custom Soap Boxes?

Do Target Market Research

There are thousands of brands selling soaps in the US. You can’t compete with them if you don’t know your particular target market. Target market research helps you identify the customer base and its preferences. Once you know the age, gender, and race of your market segment, you can develop packaging that will speak directly to them. It helps create an instant connection that puts your brand’s name in the customer’s mind. Even if it doesn’t result in a sale, it develops a positive image of yourbrand. 

Focus on your Brand’s Overall Marketing Campaign

The packaging must not be outside your brand’s marketing dimensions. It must cover the product aspect but also work as a goal to reiterate your brand’s name to buyers. This can help build trust for your brand’s other products too. The best way to do this is to print your brand’s logo, tagline, marketing message, or story to engage buyers.

Go for Celebrity Endorsements

Brands using celebrity endorsements for soap marketing have higher sales. The followers usually prefer buying endorsed soaps because they trust their ideals. Moreover, if the celebrity has only worked with good brands in the past, this can be a big deal.

The idea of using celebrity images on the box depends on a brand’s personal preferences and the terms of the contract between the two parties. However, celebrity endorsements arealways excellent for TVCs and social media marketing. 

Opt for the Right Fonts and Artwork

The fonts and artwork on custom soap boxes play a critical role in influencing buyers. Different fonts have different impacts on buyers. For example, if you are selling kids’ soaps, you can use playful fonts with attractive artwork. Similarly, a soap targeting eco-conscious buyers can have sober fonts and artwork depicting nature. 

Use Attractive Colors and Patterns

Apart from the fonts, the colors and patterns on the box also shape customer behavior. You can use a paly of different colors, a checkwork, or a plain color as a base. Then you can put your design, fonts, artwork, brand’s logo, or tagline. 

Don’t Skip Key Features

Regardless of the design, the key traits of the soap must be displayed on the box. They must occupy enough space on the box so buyers can easily locate and read this information. The key features must not be so small that it becomes difficult for people to read. 

A workable idea would be to use the front side for artwork, soap name, and brand name. You can put key features on the sides or the back. The back side can be used to list ingredients, sourcing methods, and brand information such as physical address details and social media contact details.

Go for Unique Features

One way to make your soap packaging stand out from the rest is by using unique features. You can go for transparent cutout windows that give buyers a chance to see the actual soap color and shape. You can select embossing to make raised designs or patterns for a three-dimensional look. Another way is to use debossing to create a sunk-in look for your brand’s logo or name. 

Then there is foil stamping and UV spotting. The first gives a metallic finish to the box, while the latter adds a glossy or shiny look to specific areas of the box. Together, these techniques can elevate your packaging game and woo customers into buying your product. 

Use Appropriate Material

Material selection is very important in designing high-quality custom soap boxes. You can go for cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft stock. All of these options are eco-friendly and favored by brands committed to sustainable business practices. Corrugated boxes are the strongest among the three. They offer maximum protection during long distance shipping and from external elements like weight, moisture, and heat.

What’s the Most Important Thing About Creating Custom Soap Boxes?

There are two things that matter the most. The design and print quality. These two factors go hand-in-hand. If you don’t have a good design, high-quality printing will not do any good. Similarly, high-quality printing will not boost sales or build a brand image alone.

While you take care of the design, let CPP Boxes, a market leader in custom packaging solutions, specifically custom soap boxes, take care of the printing. We offer the lowest prices with unmatchable quality, a quick turnaround time, free shipping, and no die and plate charges. Contact us today and stop worrying about your packaging needs. 

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