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4 Ways Technology is Helping Players to Break Records



4 Ways Technology is Helping Players to Break Records

Athletes continue to set new records year after year. In every Olympics, athletes from all over the world compete improving their game, strategy, and approach towards the game.

In 2004 at Athens Olympics, 27 world records were broken across various sports. Fast forward to the Beijing Olympics in 2008, 43 new world records were made in different sports and events. In the 2016, Rio Olympics, athletes from different sports made 91 new world records.

So, there’s an apparent increase in breaking the world records by the athletes in every succeeding Olympics. Well, the tally of world records increases every 4 years, but doesn’t it indicate something?

It becomes evident that athletes have improved over time, assisted by the technology that has improved massively in the last few decades.

But in what ways does the tech impact athletes? How does it help to get the most out of their bodies and set new world records?

Well, to find out, let’s explore some tech gadgets taking sports and sportsmen to a whole different level.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

  1. HANS Device
  2. Efficient Performance Trackers
  3. Better Nutrition Management
  4. Less Occurrence of Injuries
  5. Bottom Line

HANS Device:

Making automotive sports smooth, the HANS device stands out as the latest technology. HANS – Head and Neck Support – is widely used in motorsports, especially in Formula 1 and NASCAR.

Driving over 100 miles per hour, such athletes have more advanced reflexes than a normal human has. Considering they have to make quick turns at high speeds or break instantly, they don’t have much time to make decisions either.

In such cases, a swaying head can make the lose concertation on the road. Worse, they may collide around the barrier or into their counterparts.

But, with HANS, drivers don’t need to worry anymore. Simply because HANS doesn’t let their heads move unless they want to move it themselves. Moreover, it keeps them in a position comfortable for driving and maintaining eyes on the road at higher speeds.

Efficient Performance Trackers:

Performance Trackers are like sensors, like the ones in our smartwatches. However, when compared to the sensors utilized by the athletes, our sensors cannot stand a chance.

A normal sensor in our smartwatch can tell us about blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals. On the other hand, sensors used by the athletes are mostly etched in a suit. When training, athletes wear those suits and get all the information about their body performance.

In addition, they may observe their muscle movement, or save themselves from a probable injury.

Normally, coaches use such sensors to keep a closer eye on athletes under training. Some advanced performance trackers can tell about an ideal time for rest, stretching, or training harder, depending upon the body’s condition.

Moreover, performance trackers, unlike most sensors, rarely work on a subpar internet connection. With sensors acquiring data from the body and sending it to the device for display, it needs a sturdy connection like Xfinity.

Better Nutrition Management:

For athletes, intense training produces fruitful results. However, for training, it’s the food intake or nutrition that enables them to go for hardcore training.

Nutrition management for an athlete holds vital importance. But, how do they become aware of their nutrition intake?

Well, technological gadgets help them measure their calorie intake. Also, food technology plays a cardinal role for the athletes too.


Food technology can replace sturdy ingredients with micronutrients, enabling them to train harder and perform better.

Less Occurrence of Injuries:

A few decades ago, soccer players, when they reached their 30s, would often retire. However, in today’s world, most footballers easily cross 35 years, even reaching 40s.

Well, it’s not that the defenders don’t tackle or players don’t run on the pitch. The game of football hasn’t changed at all, however, the players playing it have changed altogether.

Now, there’s a rare occurrence when a player gets a life-threatening injury. Moreover, even if they do get injured, they’re catered so well by the tech devices that they recover in no time.

Bottom Line:

Sports and sportsmen, both have benefitted from the technology. Taking the sports to an altogether different level, players’ endurance, determination, skills, and consistency, everything has increased. Considering the involvement of tech in sports and fitness, it’s doubtless to say that for players and sports itself, technology has proved to be a boon.

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