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New Icon Packs

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Black And Orange thumbnails

Black And Orange Icons Pack

45 icons, by xylomon
The icons in Black And Orange icons pack are after, android, bridge, ccleaner, chrome, defrag, downloads, dreamweaver, excel, facebook, firewoks, flash, orange, gmail, illustrator, internet, explorer and etc. Icons.
iBox (Grey) thumbnails

iBox (Grey) Icons Pack

27 icons, by IconBlock
The icons in iBox (Grey) icons pack are airport, application, blank, burn, desktop, developer, document, downloads, dropbox, favourite, firewire, group, idisk, library, mobileme, movie, music, picture and etc. Icons.
Yosemite Folders thumbnails

Yosemite Folders Icons Pack

47 icons, by Talos Tsui
The icons in Yosemite Folders icons pack are apple, extra, aqua, backup, big, bondi, black, blue, cpu, Bondi, chocolate, clear, processor, dark, gray, font, Fonts, frosted, game, gold, Gray, iconfactory, large, imac and etc. Icons.
Token thumbnails

Token Icons Pack

128 icons, by brsev
The icons in Token icons pack are design, 3D Design, acdsee, adobe, aim, airplane, application, audition, avedesk, avira, bittorrent, bluetooth, bookmark, bridge, Bridge, calculator, camera and etc. Icons.
Ordinary Drives thumbnails

Ordinary Drives Icons Pack

5 icons, by Bombia Design
The icons in Ordinary Drives icons pack are drive, graphite, green, red Icons.
GMail thumbnails

GMail Icons Pack

8 icons, by Rokey
The icons in GMail icons pack are gmail, red, mail, rokey, stared, envelop, favourite Icons.
The Matrix thumbnails

The Matrix Icons Pack

17 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in The Matrix icons pack are action, cypher, rez, morpheus, neo, Lo Rez Neo, trinity, matrix, code, alt, Matrix SS, Morpheus, Neo, software, thomas, Trinity Icons.
PICOL thumbnails

PICOL Icons Pack

427 icons, by PICOL
The icons in PICOL icons pack are accept, adressbook, agent, api, arrow, full, lowerleft, lowerright, right, full up, upperleft, upperright, sans, left, arrow sans lowerleft 32, arrow sans lowerright 32 and etc. Icons.
Twitter thumbnails

Twitter Icons Pack

51 icons, by Webdesigner Depot
The icons in Twitter icons pack are twitter, sign, social network, social, road sign, sn, follow me, twitter 08, twitter 09, twitter 10, chat, twitter 12, mac, mac monitor, twitter 15, twitter 16 and etc. Icons.
Quartz thumbnails

Quartz Icons Pack

91 icons, by Andy Gongea
The icons in Quartz icons pack are adobe, dreamweaver, firework, flash, flex, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, book, edit, phon, diary, bookmark, library, box, download, love, present, recycle and etc. Icons.
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