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TV & Movies Icons

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The Matrix thumbnails

The Matrix Icons Pack

17 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in The Matrix icons pack are action, cypher, rez, morpheus, neo, Lo Rez Neo, trinity, matrix, code, alt, Matrix SS, Morpheus, Neo, software, thomas, Trinity Icons.
TMNT thumbnails

TMNT Icons Pack

10 icons, by Yellow Icon Design
The icons in TMNT icons pack are donatelo, katana, leonardo, michelangelo, nunchaco, rafael, sais, splinter, stick Icons.
Share Stars thumbnails

Share Stars Icons Pack

11 icons, by Sebastien Durel
The icons in Share Stars icons pack are azureus, bitcomet, bitorrent, edonkey, emule, limewire, lphant, shareaza, soulseek, torrent Icons.
Star Trek thumbnails

Star Trek Icons Pack

16 icons, by The Iconfactory
The icons in Star Trek icons pack are command, communicator, engineering, enterprise, iowa, kelvin, life, medical, Medical, phaser, starfleet, instructor, pin, tricorder, uhura Icons.
Marvel Users thumbnails

Marvel Users Icons Pack

9 icons, by Mermer
The icons in Marvel Users icons pack are marvel, marvel 2, marvel 3, marvel 4, marvel 5, marvel 7, marvel 8, marvel 9 Icons.
Giant Robo thumbnails

Giant Robo Icons Pack

73 icons, by Talos Tsui
The icons in Giant Robo icons pack are big, cervantes, chief, cho, daisaku, game, gaming, Daisaku, Dr 2, Dr 3, Dr, fitzcaral, galuda, gana, genya, ginrei, Ginrei 3, Ginrei 4, disguise, Ginrei, sensei, goon and etc. Icons.
South Park thumbnails

South Park Icons Pack

48 icons, by Sykonist
The icons in South Park icons pack are butter, marjorine, biggles, Butters Mr Biggles, pre, school, professor, chaos, squirrel, Butters Squirrel, zoomed, cartman, awesom, Cartman AWESOM O and etc. Icons.
Wallace & Gromit thumbnails

Wallace & Gromit Icons Pack

13 icons, by Talos Tsui
The icons in Wallace & Gromit icons pack are feather, mcgraw, gromit, surprised, Gromit, preston, robot, rocket, shaun, techno, wallace, wendolene Icons.
The Transformers thumbnails

The Transformers Icons Pack

31 icons, by Gedeon Maheux
The icons in The Transformers icons pack are bonecrusher, bruticus, cerebros, cliffjumper, counterpunch, devistator, evil, frenzy, galvatron, goldbug, grimlock, heroic, hook, hotrod, huffer, ironhide and etc. Icons.
Bubblegum Crisis 2.0 thumbnails

Bubblegum Crisis 2.0 Icons Pack

21 icons, by Gedeon Maheux
The icons in Bubblegum Crisis 2.0 icons pack are cop, series, daley, frederick, irene, largo, leon, linna, Linna, mackie, mason, Mason, nene, Nene, priss, Priss, quincy, super, sylva, Sylva Icons.
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