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Phone Icons

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Moto ROKR thumbnails

Moto ROKR Icons Pack

4 icons, by gozer
The icons in Moto ROKR icons pack are rokrclub, rokrdis, rokre Icons.
Android Developer Common Icon Set thumbnails

Android Developer Common Icon Set Icons Pack

25 icons, by
The icons in Android Developer Common Icon Set icons pack are alarm, alarm on, back, clock, disable, enable, event, fast, forward, game, magnifying, map, minus, option, pause, plan, plus, rewind, ringtone, send, set, time, setting and etc. Icons.
Sony Ericsson T68i thumbnails

Sony Ericsson T68i Icons Pack

3 icons, by
The icons in Sony Ericsson T68i icons pack are t68i 1, t68i 2 Icons.
Google Nexus One thumbnails

Google Nexus One Icons Pack

5 icons, by Mihail Nikitin
The icons in Google Nexus One icons pack are nexus, one, nexus one 512x512, nexus one Icons.
SocialMate thumbnails

SocialMate Icons Pack

30 icons, by
The icons in SocialMate icons pack are behance, blogger, deivantart, delicious, designbump, designfloat, deviantart, digg, facebook, flickr, friendfeed, gbuzz, linkedin, mixx, myspace, netvibes and etc. Icons.
Motorola thumbnails

Motorola Icons Pack

10 icons, by Newformula
The icons in Motorola icons pack are pebl, silver, Q, razr, RAZR (Silver), black, red, rokr, slvr Icons.
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