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Phone Icons

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HTC Sense UI 2.1 Icons thumbnails

HTC Sense UI 2.1 Icons Icons Pack

The icons in HTC Sense UI 2.1 Icons icons pack are android, map, market, youtube, htc, sense, clock, dialer, footprint, gallery, music, peep, recorder, setting, stock, weather Icons.
Touchscreen Icons thumbnails

Touchscreen Icons Icons Pack

13 icons, by Nando Albuquerque
The icons in Touchscreen Icons icons pack are plato, hp, unity, grid, ibm, apple, palm, avc, nintendo, iphone, microsoft, ipad Icons.
iPhone Style thumbnails

iPhone Style Icons Pack

41 icons, by Asher
The icons in iPhone Style icons pack are acrobat, aim, app, calculator, calender, call, camera, chat, clock, customize, delicious, facebook, flickr, game, google, install, ip, ipod, iradio, itunes, last fm and etc. Icons.
Spiffy thumbnails

Spiffy Icons Pack

57 icons, by Balling
The icons in Spiffy icons pack are adobe, acrobat, bridge, dreamweaver, flash, illustrator, indesign, photohop, adress, app, empty, apple, asleep, awake, azureus, bluetooth, candybar, excel, firefox and etc. Icons.
iPhone Toolbar thumbnails

iPhone Toolbar Icons Pack

52 icons, by PixelPress
The icons in iPhone Toolbar icons pack are add, airplane, atm, bookmark, breifcase, brightness, calendar, day, month, week, chat, talk, check mark, clipboard, clock, closed, cloud, contrast, crop, cut, film and etc. Icons.
IPHONE thumbnails

IPHONE Icons Pack

6 icons, by Jaziel
The icons in IPHONE icons pack are iphone, clown, off, os, wallpaper Icons.
Nokia thumbnails

Nokia Icons Pack

19 icons, by
The icons in Nokia icons pack are sport, 5500, white, 6020, 6021, 6030, 6060, 6111, 6230i, 6270, 6680, 7370, 7380, N70, N71, N90, N93, nokia Icons.
Android Style Icons R1 thumbnails

Android Style Icons R1 Icons Pack

The icons in Android Style Icons R1 icons pack are calculator, calendar, computer, explorer, finder, gallery, internet, mail, messager, music, network, note, setting, trash, full, video Icons.
Android 2.x Monster thumbnails

Android 2.x Monster Icons Pack

9 icons, by
The icons in Android 2.x Monster icons pack are creep, creep 002, creep 003, creep 004, creep 005, creep 006, creep 007, creep 008 Icons.
Large Android thumbnails

Large Android Icons Pack

49 icons, by Victor Ivlichev
The icons in Large Android icons pack are android, head, sh, Android, armed, robot, atomic, Atomic robot, blue, Blue robot, classic, Classic robot, crawler, Crawler, dancing, Dancing robot, dog, animal and etc. Icons.
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