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People Icons

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The Matrix thumbnails

The Matrix Icons Pack

17 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in The Matrix icons pack are action, cypher, rez, morpheus, neo, Lo Rez Neo, trinity, matrix, code, alt, Matrix SS, Morpheus, Neo, software, thomas, Trinity Icons.
LiveJournal thumbnails

LiveJournal Icons Pack

7 icons, by Turbomilk
The icons in LiveJournal icons pack are user, animal, livejournal, food, female, male Icons.
Dusk thumbnails

Dusk Icons Pack

33 icons, by Kawesome
The icons in Dusk icons pack are blackjack, calculator, calendar, camera, clock, compass, contact, cydia, facebook, im, installous, ipod, itunes, mail, map, message, music, note, phone, photo, remote and etc. Icons.
Baby thumbnails

Baby Icons Pack

121 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in Baby icons pack are bib, back, cancel, clock, close, config, delete, down, fav, help, info, level, lock, next, ok, refresh, reload, save, search, unlock, up, write, zoom, bib, cradle, left, stop and etc. Icons.
Dress IT (profession) thumbnails

Dress IT (profession) Icons Pack

17 icons, by Iconka
The icons in Dress IT (profession) icons pack are assassin, attendant, commissar, dad, designer, diver, engineer, fireman, gradfemale, gradmale, mom, nurse, sexy, soldier, avatar, witch Icons.
Night Vision thumbnails

Night Vision Icons Pack

23 icons, by icontexto
The icons in Night Vision icons pack are night, vision, blue, helmet, camouflage, black, night vision camouflage blue, green, star, night vision camouflage green, red, night vision red helmet black and etc. Icons.
Magic People thumbnails

Magic People Icons Pack

7 icons, by DaPino
The icons in Magic People icons pack are magic, hat, man, woman, mask, witch Icons.
Geisha thumbnails

Geisha Icons Pack

14 icons, by Dunedhel
The icons in Geisha icons pack are china, green, pink, red, japan, Japan green, Japan pink, Japan red, jinrikisha, korea, Korea green, Korea pink, Korea red Icons.
User Web 2.0 thumbnails

User Web 2.0 Icons Pack

29 icons, by IconTexto
The icons in User Web 2.0 icons pack are user, web, delicious, digg, facebook, favorite, feedburner, flickr, furl, google, account, linkedin, magnolia, mogulus, myspace, netvibes, newsvine, orkut, picasa and etc. Icons.
df-G-avatars thumbnails

df-G-avatars Icons Pack

22 icons, by Deziner Folio
The icons in df-G-avatars icons pack are b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6, b7, bb 1, bb 2, bb 3, bb 4, bb 5, bb 6, bb 7, bw 1, bw 2, bw 3, bw 4, bw 5, bw 6, bw 7 Icons.
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