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Office Icons

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Microsoft Office Suite thumbnails

Microsoft Office Suite Icons Pack

10 icons, by 878952
The icons in Microsoft Office Suite icons pack are microsoft, office, groove, infopath, onenote, outlook, powerpoint, publisher, word Icons.
Paper thumbnails

Paper Icons Pack

5 icons, by Yellow Icon
The icons in Paper icons pack are paper, folder, trash, recycle bin Icons.
The Graphs thumbnails

The Graphs Icons Pack

7 icons, by Goce Mitevski
The icons in The Graphs icons pack are going, down, going up, up, two, three Icons.
Project thumbnails

Project Icons Pack

14 icons, by Deziner Folio
The icons in Project icons pack are address, bar, calendar, conference, contact, document, draft, mail, marker, milestone, clipboard, portfolio, todo Icons.
Clipboard thumbnails

Clipboard Icons Pack

4 icons, by
The icons in Clipboard icons pack are clipboard, paper, clipboard Icons.
EnHanced XI Vol. 2 thumbnails

EnHanced XI Vol. 2 Icons Pack

37 icons, by Steven W. Smith
The icons in EnHanced XI Vol. 2 icons pack are addres, address, book, administrator, application, red, Applications, brush, business, calculator, alt, command, composition, event, fatty, fire, generic and etc. Icons.
Bags And Boxes thumbnails

Bags And Boxes Icons Pack

11 icons, by Sebastien Durel
The icons in Bags And Boxes icons pack are baggs, box, cadenas, des, falcon, favorisbox, ordinateur, photobox, stylo, vido Icons.
Candy Library thumbnails

Candy Library Icons Pack

26 icons, by isb
The icons in Candy Library icons pack are black, book, bookacier, bookalu, bookblue, Book Blue, bookg, green, bookpc, bookred, booktuxred, booktux, bookyellow, library, Library 3, libraryacier, libraryalu and etc. Icons.
IsoIcons – Workspace thumbnails

IsoIcons – Workspace Icons Pack

8 icons, by Tanya
The icons in IsoIcons – Workspace icons pack are imac, moviestime, notebook, personalbox, scetchbook, wacom, woodmannequin Icons.
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