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Object Icons

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Cute Feet thumbnails

Cute Feet Icons Pack

12 icons, by IconBuffet
The icons in Cute Feet icons pack are big, birkie, boot, buckle, fuzzy, leopard, lime, pink, sequin, star, strappy Icons.
Starships thumbnails

Starships Icons Pack

54 icons, by Corey Marion
The icons in Starships icons pack are bajoran, birdofprey, borg, botanybay, cardassian, defiant, dockshuttle, enterprisea, enterpriseb, enterprisec, enterprised, enterprise D2, enterprisee and etc. Icons.
GIS/GPS/MAP thumbnails

GIS/GPS/MAP Icons Pack

24 icons, by Icons-Land
The icons in GIS/GPS/MAP icons pack are airport, bank, bulbgrey, carrepair, catholictemple, containerred, flag, leftblack, rightgreen, green, leftred, rightblue, Flag3RightBlue2, gasstation and etc. Icons.
on The Road thumbnails

on The Road Icons Pack

60 icons, by Dooandjen_penGUIn
The icons in on The Road icons pack are duqi Icon 01, duqi Icon 02, duqi Icon 03, duqi Icon 04, duqi Icon 05, duqi Icon 06, duqi Icon 07, duqi Icon 08, duqi Icon 09, duqi Icon 10, duqi Icon 11 and etc. Icons.
Jeans Archives thumbnails

Jeans Archives Icons Pack

37 icons, by Cesar Gaspar
The icons in Jeans Archives icons pack are gold, blue, silver, 7Z silver blue, arj, Arj gold blue, black, Arj silver blue, blank, empty, Blank silver black, Blank silver blue, Bz 2 gold black and etc. Icons.
Buddha in MY Heart thumbnails

Buddha in MY Heart Icons Pack

66 icons, by linkin_penGUIn
The icons in Buddha in MY Heart icons pack are fo Icon 01, fo Icon 02, fo Icon 03, fo Icon 04, fo Icon 05, fo Icon 06, fo Icon 07, fo Icon 08, fo Icon 09, fo Icon 10, fo Icon 11, fo Icon 12, fo Icon 13 and etc. Icons.
Bathroom thumbnails

Bathroom Icons Pack

5 icons, by deFUNKT
The icons in Bathroom icons pack are bath, duck, miniduck, soap Icons.
Stock thumbnails

Stock Icons Pack

10 icons, by indestudio
The icons in Stock icons pack are camera, chat, clock, diary, drumm, headphone, printer, speaker, weather Icons.
Lineless Design thumbnails

Lineless Design Icons Pack

56 icons, by bingben_penGUIn
The icons in Lineless Design icons pack are Lineless design Icon 01, Lineless design Icon 02, Lineless design Icon 03, Lineless design Icon 04, Lineless design Icon 05, Lineless design Icon 06 and etc. Icons.
Boxes thumbnails

Boxes Icons Pack

10 icons, by Adam3k
The icons in Boxes icons pack are application, closed, box, music, open, pictures, private, school, system Icons.
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