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Music Icons

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iPod Colors thumbnails

iPod Colors Icons Pack

15 icons, by Steven W. Smith
The icons in iPod Colors icons pack are ipod, blue, green, mp3 player, magenta, iPod Magenta, orange, iPod Orange, purple, iPod Purple, red, iPod Red, yellow, iPod Yellow Icons.
iTunes And Quicktime thumbnails

iTunes And Quicktime Icons Pack

13 icons, by deleket
The icons in iTunes And Quicktime icons pack are itunes, green, orange, red, violet, iTunes 7, quicktime, Quicktime 7 Green, Quicktime 7 Orange, Quicktime 7 Red, Quicktime 7 Violet, Quicktime 7 Icons.
Smoothicons 14 thumbnails

Smoothicons 14 Icons Pack

12 icons, by Corey Marion
The icons in Smoothicons 14 icons pack are ipod, nano, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellow, macbook, unibody Icons.
Lil' Shuffles thumbnails

Lil' Shuffles Icons Pack

10 icons, by iTweek
The icons in Lil' Shuffles icons pack are orange, shuffle, dark, green, grey, lime, pink, purple, red Icons.
Multimedia thumbnails

Multimedia Icons Pack

15 icons, by IconShock
The icons in Multimedia icons pack are audio, audio, button, next, pause, play, previous, stop, headphone, monitor, sound, stereo, video, videoconference Icons.
WinAmp Encapsulated thumbnails

WinAmp Encapsulated Icons Pack

4 icons, by Proença
The icons in WinAmp Encapsulated icons pack are winamp, blue, yellow Icons.
Apple Superpack thumbnails

Apple Superpack Icons Pack

9 icons, by Svengraph
The icons in Apple Superpack icons pack are ipod, nano, green, magenta, orange, purple, red, white Icons.
iTunes thumbnails

iTunes Icons Pack

7 icons, by Jairo Boudewyn
The icons in iTunes icons pack are itunes, app, folder, ico, itunes folder 02 2 ico, itunes folder 02 ico Icons.
iPod Nano 5G thumbnails

iPod Nano 5G Icons Pack

10 icons, by Máté Tóth
The icons in iPod Nano 5G icons pack are apple, ipod, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellow Icons.
Foobar 2000 thumbnails

Foobar 2000 Icons Pack

3 icons, by Proença
The icons in Foobar 2000 icons pack are foobar, red Icons.
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