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Kids Icons

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Web Cartoon thumbnails

Web Cartoon Icons Pack

41 icons, by Ann Shlyapnikova
The icons in Web Cartoon icons pack are base, box, bubble, cancel, chrome, color, delicious, download, edit, facebook, favorite, firefox, flickr, globe, help, icq, idea, image, info, itunes, label, mac, mail and etc. Icons.
Microserfs Blox thumbnails

Microserfs Blox Icons Pack

37 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in Microserfs Blox icons pack are folder, shared, sys, trash, full, blue, four, six, Blue Six, two, Blue Two, flat, Folder, green, red, Red Four, Red Six (flat), Red Six, Red Two (flat), Red Two and etc. Icons.
Acorn thumbnails

Acorn Icons Pack

15 icons, by Monica Corduneanu
The icons in Acorn icons pack are anvelope, reading, building, magnifying, mister, news, paper, pen, smashing, french, gangster, kid, reader, twins Icons.
More Kidcons thumbnails

More Kidcons Icons Pack

51 icons, by Gedeon Maheux
The icons in More Kidcons icons pack are barn, baseball, blue, brown, bubble, bumble, bunny, cat, chalk, cheeseburger, compass, cookie, cupid, draw, elmer, etch, flower, football, sport, gingerbread, goldfish and etc. Icons.
Pure Handwork thumbnails

Pure Handwork Icons Pack

73 icons, by tongzhenming
The icons in Pure Handwork icons pack are handwork, Pure handwork Icon 02, Pure handwork Icon 03, Pure handwork Icon 04, Pure handwork Icon 05, Pure handwork Icon 06, Pure handwork Icon 07 and etc. Icons.
Somatic Rebirth Extras thumbnails

Somatic Rebirth Extras Icons Pack

64 icons, by The Iconfactory
The icons in Somatic Rebirth Extras icons pack are bert, black, blue, bluestripey, brainy, budd, bugsy, cryptic, cupid, democrat, designer, drive, dropply, eightyfive, external, findro, Findro, flow, flower, foxy and etc. Icons.
Aliens thumbnails

Aliens Icons Pack

The icons in Aliens icons pack are alien, morado, tent, verde, robot Icons.
iChat thumbnails

iChat Icons Pack

15 icons, by N/A
The icons in iChat icons pack are chat, emoticon, face, talk, comment, speak, emotion, chat 008, chat 009, chat 010, chat 011, chat 012, chat 013, chat 014 Icons.
Weird Creature thumbnails

Weird Creature Icons Pack

56 icons, by edwin_penGUIn
The icons in Weird Creature icons pack are weird, creature, Weird Creature Icon 03, Weird Creature Icon 04, Weird Creature Icon 05, Weird Creature Icon 06, Weird Creature Icon 07 and etc. Icons.
The Transformers thumbnails

The Transformers Icons Pack

31 icons, by Gedeon Maheux
The icons in The Transformers icons pack are bonecrusher, bruticus, cerebros, cliffjumper, counterpunch, devistator, evil, frenzy, galvatron, goldbug, grimlock, heroic, hook, hotrod, huffer, ironhide and etc. Icons.
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