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Folder Icons

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Yosemite Folders thumbnails

Yosemite Folders Icons Pack

47 icons, by Talos Tsui
The icons in Yosemite Folders icons pack are apple, extra, aqua, backup, big, bondi, black, blue, cpu, Bondi, chocolate, clear, processor, dark, gray, font, Fonts, frosted, game, gold, Gray, iconfactory, large, imac and etc. Icons.
Cellular Folders thumbnails

Cellular Folders Icons Pack

6 icons, by Xman
The icons in Cellular Folders icons pack are document, favorite, folder, Folder, music Icons.
Reflexion thumbnails

Reflexion Icons Pack

61 icons, by Aqua-Feel
The icons in Reflexion icons pack are drive, file, aiff, avi, bmp, default, paper, ftp, gif, http, jpeg, jpg, document, mkv, mov, movie, file mp 3, file mp 4, mpg, news, ogg, ogm, pict, picture, png, psd, ram, file rm and etc. Icons.
Win XP Extended Folders thumbnails

Win XP Extended Folders Icons Pack

13 icons, by Andrew J. Beard
The icons in Win XP Extended Folders icons pack are archive, aux, document, my downloads, my ebooks, my favorites, my media, my project, my received, program, temporary, window Icons.
Onibari thumbnails

Onibari Icons Pack

13 icons, by Stinky9
The icons in Onibari icons pack are folder, burn, light, movie, music, pack, picture, private, public, shirt, tentacle, Folder Icons.
iSuite Revoked thumbnails

iSuite Revoked Icons Pack

132 icons, by Prax_08
The icons in iSuite Revoked icons pack are max, acorn, activity, address, adium, after, airport, aperture, application, archive, automator, edit, bittorrent, bluetooth, calc, cam, camino, candy, chrome and etc. Icons.
POISSON thumbnails

POISSON Icons Pack

47 icons, by Scott Copeland
The icons in POISSON icons pack are fish, animal, cd, controller, dark, folder, document, image, music, network, nimbus, preference, public, video, Dark Folder, dashboard, desktop, disc, download and etc. Icons.
Glass Folder thumbnails

Glass Folder Icons Pack

53 icons, by Jordan Michael
The icons in Glass Folder icons pack are arrow, folder, book, reading, contact, contacts folder, downloads, downloads folder, emty, emty folder, favorite, favorites folder, folder (2), folder 2 (2) and etc. Icons.
O2 thumbnails

O2 Icons Pack

18 icons, by Stinky9
The icons in O2 icons pack are app, burnable, classic, developer, document, drop, generic, library, movie, music, pic, private, public, site, smart, system, user Icons.
Onibari Ultimate thumbnails

Onibari Ultimate Icons Pack

47 icons, by Stinky9
The icons in Onibari Ultimate icons pack are @1, @2, apple, app, Apps 2, burn, Burn 2, camera, photography, chat, talk, classic, dc, developer, Developer 2, devious, document, file, downloads, Downloads 3 and etc. Icons.
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