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Folder Icons

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Shined thumbnails

Shined Icons Pack

17 icons, by FreaK0
The icons in Shined icons pack are cdrom, directory, downhdd, disc, favdir, paper, save, fwhdd, hard disk, nethdd, opendir, ownfiles, ownimages, ownmusik, usbhdd, usbstick Icons.
Vista Folder Colors thumbnails

Vista Folder Colors Icons Pack

23 icons, by WindowsNET
The icons in Vista Folder Colors icons pack are black, folder, blue, Blue Folder, brown, Brown Folder, dark, Dark Blue Folder, green, Green Folder, orange, Orange Folder, pink, Pink folder, red, Red Folder and etc. Icons.
Folder thumbnails

Folder Icons Pack

11 icons, by Aha-Soft Team
The icons in Folder icons pack are book, favorite, font, hot, image, lock, envelop, mp 3 v2, palm, photo Icons.
Onibari Light thumbnails

Onibari Light Icons Pack

19 icons, by Stinky9
The icons in Onibari Light icons pack are bookmark, burnable, creative, deviant, document, downloads, folder, game, Icon Folder, library, movie, music, pic, public, sistem, stuff, tentacle, widget Icons.
Leather Folder thumbnails

Leather Folder Icons Pack

31 icons, by LeMarquis
The icons in Leather Folder icons pack are leather, balck, brown, leather brown 02, leather brown 03, leather brown 04, folder, black, leather folder brown 2, leather folder brown 3, leather folder brown 4 and etc. Icons.
One Piece thumbnails

One Piece Icons Pack

62 icons, by lilyeid
The icons in One Piece icons pack are ONEPIECE Icon 01, ONEPIECE Icon 02, ONEPIECE Icon 03, ONEPIECE Icon 04, ONEPIECE Icon 05, ONEPIECE Icon 06, ONEPIECE Icon 07, ONEPIECE Icon 08 and etc. Icons.
Kawai Wallet thumbnails

Kawai Wallet Icons Pack

23 icons, by N/A
The icons in Kawai Wallet icons pack are app, burnable, desktop, developer, document, downloads, generic, group, home, library, little, movie, music, open, picture, public, sharepoint, site, smart, system and etc. Icons.
Abstrack Folders thumbnails

Abstrack Folders Icons Pack

4 icons, by Abstrack Design
The icons in Abstrack Folders icons pack are folder, Icon 02, Icon 03 Icons.
Echelon thumbnails

Echelon Icons Pack

73 icons, by Gedeon Maheux
The icons in Echelon icons pack are alt, font, game, graph, box, Alt In Box, Alt In Box2, iomega, out, Alt Out Box, Alt Out Box2, sharing, apple, blank, folder, clipboard, control, strip, data, file and etc. Icons.
Folder thumbnails

Folder Icons Pack

14 icons, by Delacro
The icons in Folder icons pack are book, document, download, movie, music, normal, option, photo, private, system, torrent, upload, window Icons.
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