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Folder Icons

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Mosaic Folders thumbnails

Mosaic Folders Icons Pack

8 icons, by Saho
The icons in Mosaic Folders icons pack are autumn, purpleblue, redpink, retro, spring, summer, winter Icons.
Cs3 Icons Reloaded thumbnails

Cs3 Icons Reloaded Icons Pack

32 icons, by Pedro-de-la-Luna
The icons in Cs3 Icons Reloaded icons pack are boxaecs, boxaics, boxdwcs, boxflcs, boxfwcs, boxidcs, boxprcs, boxpscs, Box PsCS 3, boxsbcs, fileaecs, fileaics, filedwcs, fileflcs, filefwcs, fileidcs and etc. Icons.
Rise Folders thumbnails

Rise Folders Icons Pack

92 icons, by Vincent Garnier
The icons in Rise Folders icons pack are aluminium, burnable, desktop, developer, doc, download, font, generic, group, idisk, library, movie, music, picture, public, sharepoint, site, smart, system, user and etc. Icons.
CS3 Work Folders thumbnails

CS3 Work Folders Icons Pack

61 icons, by LeMarquis
The icons in CS3 Work Folders icons pack are folder, air, digi, ext, lab, media player, update, worfolder, workfolder, workfolder as, connect, mob, presenter, thermo, workfolder ul, workfolders, workfolders ac di and etc. Icons.
Brushed Adlua thumbnails

Brushed Adlua Icons Pack

17 icons, by Stinky9
The icons in Brushed Adlua icons pack are aplications, box, brushed, burnable, camera, document, downloads, movie, pic, private, public, site, smart, system, vynils, wallpaper Icons.
Cellular Milk thumbnails

Cellular Milk Icons Pack

6 icons, by Xman
The icons in Cellular Milk icons pack are milk, favorite, folder, imagenes, music Icons.
The Folder Collection thumbnails

The Folder Collection Icons Pack

61 icons, by Craig Hockenberry
The icons in The Folder Collection icons pack are furbo, aboriginal, barefoot, bit, blue, splat, briefs, buff, camera, cartella, check, christo, construction, cracked, damn, dropped, eight, flower, folder, green and etc. Icons.
Music Artists 2 thumbnails

Music Artists 2 Icons Pack

79 icons, by CodeNameBender
The icons in Music Artists 2 icons pack are pac, akon, alicia, anberlin, bedlight, bjork, britney, cake, cat, cheryl, classical, clueso, daphne, dido, dre, artist, duffy, eminem, estelle, feist, goldfrapp, gym and etc. Icons.
Project Folders thumbnails

Project Folders Icons Pack

5 icons, by Murakumon
The icons in Project Folders icons pack are my project, package, pack, project Icons.
Refresh Snow Leopard thumbnails

Refresh Snow Leopard Icons Pack

27 icons, by Dave Brasgalla
The icons in Refresh Snow Leopard icons pack are app, burnable, desktop, developer, document, downloads, generic, group, home, iconfactory, library, locked, movie, music, open, panic, picture, private, public and etc. Icons.
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