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File Type Icons

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Cute File thumbnails

Cute File Icons Pack

The icons in Cute File icons pack are ai, bmp, eps, fla, gif, icns, ico, jpg, pdf, png, psd, swf, tiff Icons.
File Status thumbnails

File Status Icons Pack

17 icons, by Ashung
The icons in File Status icons pack are bug, damage, fixed, hot, locked, new, normal, sticky, svn, conflicted, deleted, ignored, modified, svn normal, noversion, readonly Icons.
Orange Alarm thumbnails

Orange Alarm Icons Pack

73 icons, by Bottlebaby
The icons in Orange Alarm icons pack are orange, alarm, orange alarm Icon 03, orange alarm Icon 04, orange alarm Icon 05, orange alarm Icon 06, orange alarm Icon 07, orange alarm Icon 08 and etc. Icons.
YUUMINCO thumbnails


110 icons, by dReamxis
The icons in YUUMINCO icons pack are disc, 3gp, activex, ape, avi, bin, bmp, camera, cdrom, chm, close, cmd, compression, computer, control panel, cs, dat, default, Default, desktop, dll, doc, docx, download and etc. Icons.
Crunk - Filetype thumbnails

Crunk - Filetype Icons Pack

43 icons, by lopagof
The icons in Crunk - Filetype icons pack are 404, 7z, aac, bz 2, cb 7, cbr, cbt, cbz, deb, dmg, flac, flv, gzip, it, kml, kmz, lz, lzh, midi, mo 3, mod, mp 3, mpc, msi, nsf, ogg, otf, pdf, psd, rar, rom, rpm, sid, spc, spoiler, svg, swf, tar and etc. Icons.
Flavours thumbnails

Flavours Icons Pack

178 icons, by Oliver Twardowski
The icons in Flavours icons pack are hard drive, box, download, fragile, rar, zip, browser, button, delete, pink, red, violet, blue, green, fast forward, button fastforward red, button fastforward violet and etc. Icons.
File Types Vol. 1 thumbnails

File Types Vol. 1 Icons Pack

19 icons, by Luis Moreno
The icons in File Types Vol. 1 icons pack are acad, aif, avi, blank, bmp, cdr, dll, doc, eps, EPS, gif, htm, html, HTML, ini, jpg, jsp, midi Icons.
MPlayer thumbnails

MPlayer Icons Pack

5 icons, by Improv, Pastence
The icons in MPlayer icons pack are audio, icon, film, subtitle Icons.
XML Docs thumbnails

XML Docs Icons Pack

6 icons, by Wolfgang Bartelme
The icons in XML Docs icons pack are cs, dtd, xml, xsd, xsl Icons.
One Piece thumbnails

One Piece Icons Pack

62 icons, by lilyeid
The icons in One Piece icons pack are ONEPIECE Icon 01, ONEPIECE Icon 02, ONEPIECE Icon 03, ONEPIECE Icon 04, ONEPIECE Icon 05, ONEPIECE Icon 06, ONEPIECE Icon 07, ONEPIECE Icon 08 and etc. Icons.
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