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File Type Icons

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DelliOS System thumbnails

DelliOS System Icons Pack

106 icons, by Wendell Fernandes
The icons in DelliOS System icons pack are ai, ai, arrow, down, grey, up, ascend, arrow, attention, attention, avi, video, blogger, blogger, com, com, crd, crd, cs, css, digg, digg, doc, doc, dreamweaver, e, flame, flame and etc. Icons.
VLC Media Player thumbnails

VLC Media Player Icons Pack

29 icons, by Susumu Yoshida
The icons in VLC Media Player icons pack are A52, aac, asf, asx, avi, bin, cue, dat, divx, DV, generic, M3U, mov, MP 3, MP 4, mpeg, video, mpg, MPEG, ogg, ogm, pls, srt, sub, vlc, vob, wma, wmv Icons.
WMP thumbnails

WMP Icons Pack

3 icons, by Jairo Boudewyn
The icons in WMP icons pack are wmp, folder Icons.
Flash Black Edition thumbnails

Flash Black Edition Icons Pack

74 icons, by Paul Gucolav
The icons in Flash Black Edition icons pack are acc, acrobat, adobe, archive, avi, bmp, camera, cd, checked, compressed, computer, connect, contact, control, desktop, Desktop, document, file, downloads, drive and etc. Icons.
File Icons Vs. 2 thumbnails

File Icons Vs. 2 Icons Pack

95 icons, by Jordan Michael
The icons in File Icons Vs. 2 icons pack are ac 3, ace, ade, adp, ai, aiff, ani, asf, au, video, bat, bin, bmp, bsp, bup, cab, cal, animal, cs, cue, cur, daa, dat, dcr, der, dic, divx, diz, dll, doc, docx, disc, dwg, dwt, fon, gam, gif, hlp and etc. Icons.
Filetypes Crystal thumbnails

Filetypes Crystal Icons Pack

14 icons, by Necrofall
The icons in Filetypes Crystal icons pack are asf, avi, bmp, divx, gif, jpg, mov, mpg, pct, png, tiff, vob, wmv Icons.
XML Docs X-tended thumbnails

XML Docs X-tended Icons Pack

23 icons, by Wolfgang Bartelme
The icons in XML Docs X-tended icons pack are crystal, asp, audio, camera, cd, dvd, generic, hard disk, inf, ini, jar, java, jpg, Crystal Js, log, Crystal Mp 3, system, txt, wave, wma, xml, zip Icons.
CS3 Icons :Murano: thumbnails

CS3 Icons :Murano: Icons Pack

37 icons, by LeMarquis
The icons in CS3 Icons :Murano: icons pack are acrobatdistiller, acrobat, adobe, adobeupdater, Adobe, ae, ai, apollo, au, aw, br, cf, Cp, ct, Di, Dw, En, extensionmanager, Fb, Fh, fl, fm, Fw, fx, gl, Ic, id, Jr, lc, lr, pm, pr, ps, Rh and etc. Icons.
iMod For Dock thumbnails

iMod For Dock Icons Pack

138 icons, by babasse
The icons in iMod For Dock icons pack are software, aac, ai, anti, aperture, video, blu, bmp, burning, cab, candybar, cd, disc, disk, cda, cdrom, compas, dashboard, default, divx, doc, download, dvd, DVD+R, DVD, equerre and etc. Icons.
Sticky thumbnails

Sticky Icons Pack

39 icons, by csscreme
The icons in Sticky icons pack are date, checked, no, contact, disc, file, mail, warning, foto, game, building, i, previous, locked, account, move, film, music, percent, add, printer, help, recycle, next and etc. Icons.
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