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Emoticons Icons

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Free Smiles thumbnails

Free Smiles Icons Pack

11 icons, by Khodjaev Stanislav
The icons in Free Smiles icons pack are smile, emotion, emoticon, happy, smile 005, smile 006, smile 007, smile 008, smile 009, smile 010 Icons.
FRIENDLY FIRE thumbnails


25 icons, by
The icons in FRIENDLY FIRE icons pack are 1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, cocktail, cocktail, coll, cool, girl, child, googles, googles Icons.
Standard Smile thumbnails

Standard Smile Icons Pack

11 icons, by Aha-Soft Team
The icons in Standard Smile icons pack are bomb, flower, girl, king, love, picachu, pirate, smile, smoking, sun Icons.
Emoji thumbnails

Emoji Icons Pack

19 icons, by Pinkheaven
The icons in Emoji icons pack are emoji, emoticon, Emoji 11, Emoji 12, Emoji 13, Emoji 14, Emoji 15, Emoji 16, Emoji 17, Emoji 18, Emoji 2, Emoji 3, Emoji 4, Emoji 5, Emoji 6, Emoji 7, Emoji 8 and etc. Icons.
iChat thumbnails

iChat Icons Pack

15 icons, by N/A
The icons in iChat icons pack are chat, emoticon, face, talk, comment, speak, emotion, chat 008, chat 009, chat 010, chat 011, chat 012, chat 013, chat 014 Icons.
2s-space Emotions V2 thumbnails

2s-space Emotions V2 Icons Pack

22 icons, by kirozeng
The icons in 2s-space Emotions V2 icons pack are space, anger, burn, confused, cool, cry, fire, grimace, valentine, miao, prettiness, help, shout, slobber, emotion, spook, startle, surprise, sweat, thirst, vomit Icons.
Manto thumbnails

Manto Icons Pack

21 icons, by Manto
The icons in Manto icons pack are emoticon, face, emotion, bother, cry, despise, faint, grin, funny, impatient, laugh, painful, pleasantsuprise, puzzled, rage, sad, scared, shy, sorry, strive Icons.
Aqua Smiles XP thumbnails

Aqua Smiles XP Icons Pack

19 icons, by flameia
The icons in Aqua Smiles XP icons pack are ate, dazzled, dead, feel, follow, happy, funny, He he., tired, in love, laughter, make, sad, sulk, to yawn, uhh, whoa, you Icons.
Very Emotional thumbnails

Very Emotional Icons Pack

41 icons, by LazyCrazy
The icons in Very Emotional icons pack are cool, crazy, crying, damn, evil, fantasy, geek, glad, paintball, haha, heeyyy, hey, hohoho, huh, idiotic, indecent, kiss, lol, valentine, mad, mmmm, muhaha, offended and etc. Icons.
Yorks Emo thumbnails

Yorks Emo Icons Pack

38 icons, by Doenerkinq
The icons in Yorks Emo icons pack are =B, angry, arr, blush, boo, dizzy, drunk, evilish, grin, huh, love, kaboom, kiss, leaking, meaw, music, ninja, no, O O, omg, fire, ouch, paranoid, pissedoff, serious, sick and etc. Icons.
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