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Buildings Icons

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E-commerce thumbnails

E-commerce Icons Pack

6 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in E-commerce icons pack are contact, credit, cash, shoping, cart Icons.
Houses thumbnails

Houses Icons Pack

5 icons, by Bombia Design
The icons in Houses icons pack are house, green, red, yellow Icons.
GIS/GPS/MAP thumbnails

GIS/GPS/MAP Icons Pack

24 icons, by Icons-Land
The icons in GIS/GPS/MAP icons pack are airport, bank, bulbgrey, carrepair, catholictemple, containerred, flag, leftblack, rightgreen, green, leftred, rightblue, Flag3RightBlue2, gasstation and etc. Icons.
Icon Shop thumbnails

Icon Shop Icons Pack

5 icons, by Blaugrana-tez
The icons in Icon Shop icons pack are coffee, store, iconmart, record Icons.
Supervista accounting thumbnails

Supervista accounting Icons Pack

The icons in Supervista accounting icons pack are bank, cabinet, cashbox, history, industry, piggy Icons.
Tourism thumbnails

Tourism Icons Pack

7 icons, by Iconka
The icons in Tourism icons pack are bigben, colosseum, egypt, eiffel, liberty, tajmahal Icons.
Pixel House thumbnails

Pixel House Icons Pack

4 icons, by Ann Shlyapnikova
The icons in Pixel House icons pack are house, house 2, house 3 Icons.
Les 12 Maisons thumbnails

Les 12 Maisons Icons Pack

13 icons, by Isabelle Laffy
The icons in Les 12 Maisons icons pack are maison, Maison II, iii, Maison IV, Maison IX, Maison V, vi, vii, viii, Maison X, Maison XI, xii Icons.
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