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Application Icons

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Firefox thumbnails

Firefox Icons Pack

3 icons, by Jairo Boudewyn
The icons in Firefox icons pack are firefox, pre Icons.
Black And Orange thumbnails

Black And Orange Icons Pack

45 icons, by xylomon
The icons in Black And Orange icons pack are after, android, bridge, ccleaner, chrome, defrag, downloads, dreamweaver, excel, facebook, firewoks, flash, orange, gmail, illustrator, internet, explorer and etc. Icons.
iBox (Grey) thumbnails

iBox (Grey) Icons Pack

27 icons, by IconBlock
The icons in iBox (Grey) icons pack are airport, application, blank, burn, desktop, developer, document, downloads, dropbox, favourite, firewire, group, idisk, library, mobileme, movie, music, picture and etc. Icons.
GMail thumbnails

GMail Icons Pack

8 icons, by Rokey
The icons in GMail icons pack are gmail, red, mail, rokey, stared, envelop, favourite Icons.
Quartz thumbnails

Quartz Icons Pack

91 icons, by Andy Gongea
The icons in Quartz icons pack are adobe, dreamweaver, firework, flash, flex, illustrator, indesign, photoshop, book, edit, phon, diary, bookmark, library, box, download, love, present, recycle and etc. Icons.
VideoLAN Client thumbnails

VideoLAN Client Icons Pack

4 icons, by Jairo Boudewyn
The icons in VideoLAN Client icons pack are videolan, videolan 01 02, videolan 01 03 Icons.
Color Finder thumbnails

Color Finder Icons Pack

11 icons, by Leslie Nayibe
The icons in Color Finder icons pack are black, blue, brown, gray, green, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow Icons.
Firefox thumbnails

Firefox Icons Pack

3 icons, by hansle
The icons in Firefox icons pack are hsfire, firefox Icons.
Macromedia thumbnails

Macromedia Icons Pack

29 icons, by deleket
The icons in Macromedia icons pack are coldfusion, mx, studio, Coldfusion, director, Director MX, Director Studio 8, Director, dreamweaver, Dreamweaver MX, Dreamweaver Studio 8, Dreamweaver and etc. Icons.
OPENPHONE thumbnails


13 icons, by Walrick
The icons in OPENPHONE icons pack are browser, calculator, calendar, chat, clock, graph, ipod, map, note, phone, setting, weather Icons.
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