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Animal Icons

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Birdie Adium thumbnails

Birdie Adium Icons Pack

18 icons, by Milos Mirkovic
The icons in Birdie Adium icons pack are alert, bird, Alert 3, Alert 4, awake, away, connecting, Connecting 2, Connecting 3, Connecting 4, Connecting 5, Connecting 6, Connecting 7, Connecting 8 and etc. Icons.
Jungle Book thumbnails

Jungle Book Icons Pack

6 icons, by Iconshock
The icons in Jungle Book icons pack are bagueera, baloo, elephant, mowgli, shanti Icons.
Keith's Cats thumbnails

Keith's Cats Icons Pack

The icons in Keith's Cats icons pack are cat, animal, cat 2, cat 3, cat 4, cat 5, cat 6, cat 7, cat 8, cat 9 Icons.
Bird Silhouettes thumbnails

Bird Silhouettes Icons Pack

16 icons, by Tarah Haack
The icons in Bird Silhouettes icons pack are eagle, Eagle 2, Eagle 3, eagledive, eaglesearching, eaglesoaring, Eagle Soaring, landing, puffedbird, seagull, swoopingbird, tinybird, treelanding and etc. Icons.
US Fish And Wildlife Service thumbnails

US Fish And Wildlife Service Icons Pack

31 icons, by Joseph Aeron
The icons in US Fish And Wildlife Service icons pack are animal, animal, antelope, badger, bear, bison, bison, deer, deer 3, deer, eagle, falcon, goat, goat 3, goat 4, goat, gopher, lion, moose, owl, panther, peregrine, pwarbler and etc. Icons.
Animal Toys thumbnails

Animal Toys Icons Pack

6 icons, by fasticon
The icons in Animal Toys icons pack are elephant, giraffe, gorilla, lion, zebra Icons.
Tux - Penguin thumbnails

Tux - Penguin Icons Pack

5 icons, by YellowIcon
The icons in Tux - Penguin icons pack are penguin, Penguin 2, Penguin 3, Penguin 4 Icons.
Animauls thumbnails

Animauls Icons Pack

The icons in Animauls icons pack are canadianbeaver, brown, grey, deathbear, Death Bear Brown, Death Bear Grey, deathboar, Death Boar Brown, Death Boar Grey, deathbunny, deathkitty and etc. Icons.
Natural Fairies thumbnails

Natural Fairies Icons Pack

3 icons, by Afee
The icons in Natural Fairies icons pack are bee, butterfly Icons.
Cute Critters thumbnails

Cute Critters Icons Pack

14 icons, by Elio Rivero
The icons in Cute Critters icons pack are batty, dog, trans, ducky, elephant, foxy, froggy, kitty, lion, panda, penguino, ratty, tuqui Icons.
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